Pre-Planning FAQs

Everything you need to know and want to ask about pre-planning.

You’ve taken an important step by choosing to pre-plan. Congratulations. These steps help take that burden off your beloved family, providing them with greater peace of mind. You’re relieving your family of the cost that can be associated with planning a burial, allowing them to celebrate and honor your life. And finally, you are ensuring that every last detail is planned according to your own wishes and needs.

You might have some questions as you begin the path towards pre-planning. We’re here to help answer them.

Here are some questions that often come up from others at the same stage:

Pre-planning versus pre-funding? I’ve heard both terms, what is the difference?

Pre-planning is making the decisions of how you would like to be remembered. It allows you to make your wishes known to your loved ones and gives you the opportunity to create a unique celebration exactly how you would have wanted it. Your loved ones will greatly appreciate the choice to pre-plan because it alleviates the weight behind questions like, "I'm not sure what he would have wanted."  Pre-funding allows you to pay for your funeral plans, saving loved ones from incurring those costs. There are several different options of pre-funding that our pre-arrangement specialists will guide you through.

Can I move a previously planned arrangement?

Yes, your arrangements are yours, so they can be transferred. The process of pre-arranging is to give you and your family an advantage;  it is not a way to lock you into being served by a specific or particular funeral home or cemetery.

Do I need to purchase a burial vault?

In most areas of the country, state or local laws do not require that you buy a container to surround the casket in the grave, although Memory Garden Memorial Park & Mortuary does require that you have this container to keep the ground from sinking, as well as to ensure the safety of our visitors and staff. 

I’ve heard about mausoleum burials - what are the benefits?

People choose mausoleum crypts because they are both clean and dry. They offer a good alternative for those who prefer to not be interred in the ground.

Are there vaults for cremated remains?

Yes, we offer urn vaults that are designed for in-ground burial of cremated remains. We have a wide selection available to make certain that you will find an option that fits your preferences perfectly. 

Can two cremations be performed at once?

No. Not only is it illegal to do so, most modern cremation chambers are not of sufficient size to accommodate more than one adult.

Can the family witness the cremation?

Yes, the cremation facility is set up to allow family members to be present when the body is placed into the cremation chamber. In fact, some religious groups include this as part of their funeral custom. 

Are cemeteries running out of space?

Even with a dense population, funeral homes and local cemeteries will always help you find the space you need, so do not ever feel that there is not an option to meet your needs. Memory Garden Memorial Park & Mortuary has sufficient space for generations to come. 

I’ve heard of Endowment Care - what is it?

Endowment Care refers to the funds that keep the cemetery grounds beautiful and well-kept, ensuring that your loved one will be taken care of each and every day over the long term. Once the service is over and those in attendance have left the grounds, Endowment Care creates the permanence of the beauty and peacefulness of Memory Garden Memorial Park & Mortuary. 

We know that you may have other questions, so feel free to call us at anytime so that we can walk you your options and help you create the best possible plan for you.

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