Cemetery Etiquette

Let us guide you through the ins and outs of your cemetery experience.

Visiting the Cemetery

We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you are visiting Memory Garden Memorial Park Cemetery. Here are some of the Do's and Don’ts during your visit to help keep the respect of our sacred grounds continual. 


  • Watch over children.
  • Follow our cemetery guidelines.
  • Respect cemetery visiting hours.
  • Follow the marked roadways.
  • Be respectful by keeping quiet around visitors who wish to reflect.


  • Take photos of other visitors or funerals.
  • Litter.
  • Walk over graves.
  • Disturb flowers or plants on the grounds.

Showing Support

We know the painful complexity in watching someone grieve, and we understand that it can be difficult for you to figure what it means to show support. Families are always grateful for the shared memories and stories of their loved one, and if you do not know the best way to show support, then we are here to remind you that you are allowed to ask what they need from you. You can show support through cards and flowers or other small gifts that reflect the memories of the deceased.  We want you to have a few resources of where you can find grief support. To find beautiful gifts for your loved one, visit our store.