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POSITION: Night Attendant

POSITION: Night Attendant

The following is a list of responsibilities for the position of MORTUARY NIGHT ATTENDANT. We have attempted to identify as many of the usual duties which are expected of this position. However, this list may not cover all duties required of this position and some of the duties listed may also be assigned to other positions. Due to the demands of the business, the duties and requirements for any individual and any position at Memory Garden Memorial Park and Mortuary may be changed by the management, as needed and without notice.


  1. Answering of the phones and doors during evening hours.
  2. Taking phone messages on the appropriate form.
  3. Taking and dispatching first calls.
  4. Caring for families at the visitation of their loved one.
  5. Setting up visitations with the funeral director.
  6. Assisting with evening and weekend services as needed.
  7. Contacting on call people to handle price shoppers and first calls.
  8. Maintaining and cleaning of necessary areas of the mortuary after a visitation or service.
  9. Spot vacuuming where necessary.
  10. Emptying trash cans in the business office and kitchen, and wherever else necessary.
  11. Locking the facility at closing time and diverting the phones.
  12. Checking and replacing bottled water and cup dispenser by the chapel.
  13. Checking restrooms for cleanliness, replacing supplies, and correcting any problem.
  14. Cleaning up the coffee machine, pots, and counters in the kitchen.
  15. General kitchen clean-up.
  16. Check and refill copy machine trays and fax machine.
  17. Make room signs for visitations and services.
  18. Update and fax service schedule.

                                                                                                    **** AND ANY OTHER TASKS AS ASSIGNED BY MANAGEMENT.